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Our Equipment

HP Latex Printers

HP Latex Inks excel in delivering exceptional outdoor durability and unparalleled versatility, perfectly suited for a wide array of media types commonly employed in sign and display applications. This superior performance is seamlessly accompanied by top-tier quality, generating odorless prints, requiring minimal maintenance, and notably contributing to environmental conservation due to their water-based composition.

The holistic commitment of HP Latex Printing Technologies extends to environmental and health considerations, encompassing a diverse spectrum of attributes that span the complete lifespan of a print, from its inception to its eventual disposal. The foundation of HP Latex Printing Technologies lies in a water-based formulation, promoting a healthier print production process, all while maintaining an unwavering dedication to unmatched performance.

Wide Format Vinyl Cutters

Embark on a journey of precision and creativity with our awe-inspiring Wide Format Vinyl Cutters. These cutting-edge marvels possess the extraordinary ability to effortlessly slice through an eclectic range of materials, ranging from the intricate Self Adhesive Printed Vinyl to the resilient Cast Vinyl and even the captivating Reflective Films. Powered by the pinnacle of modern technology, these cutters transcend ordinary boundaries, gracefully sculpting materials into a mesmerizing symphony of shapes that defy convention. Experience the future of precision crafting as you unleash boundless possibilities with our remarkable Wide Format Vinyl Cutters.

Looking After The Environment

Scene Signs has a comprehensive recycling protocol in place, encompassing various aspects:

  • Our approach to recycling involves the reuse of cardboard cartons for packaging purposes or their responsible recycling through JJ’s Recycling.
  • We ensure the environmentally-conscious disposal of plastic roll ends by collecting and recycling them in collaboration with Claw Environmental.
  • As part of our commitment to sustainability, all HP Latex Printer Cartridges and Print Heads are efficiently recycled through participation in the HP Planet Recycling Program.
  • Even materials like old Corflute Signs and their off-cuts do not go to waste; instead, they are diligently recycled in partnership with Claw Environmental.